Massage Holly pig house garden

The history of massage is the history of healing: the power of touch has been used through the ages to address disorders and promote health.

Massage works by manipulating tissues, often focusing principally on muscles, warming and lengthening the muscle tissue to promote circulation and target knotted, fibrotic areas. This process also serves to stimulate the cardiovascular and lymphatic systems, both of which play a central role in maintaining good health.

Many people find that massage can bring great relief to back pain including sciatica, as well as tension in the neck, legs and arms.  Therapists can address muscular tension by working both superficial and deep layers of tissue, utilising a range of techniques to target key areas.  As well as treating muscular issues, by promoting relaxation massage can improve sleep and digestion and help to relieve conditions including depression, stress and anxiety.

Receiving regular massage treatments can help to keep body and mind in a state of wellbeing.  Please contact Tia if you have any questions about how massage may be of benefit to you.


“Tia’s personal and thoughtful approach to my series of massages has meant that she has addressed areas of tension and discomfort with understanding and very positive results.  She always asks for feedback to help give me exactly the right treatment.  It has been a truly relaxing and helpful time for me in a magical setting.”  Elspeth