Each massage is bespoke, designed to target areas of tension and encourage deep relaxation.  Tia fuses traditional Swedish massage techniques with those drawn from Thai yoga massage to create a wonderfully thorough and nourishing treatment.

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Swedish and Thai massage

Swedish massage (the most common form of massage used in the West) focuses on kneading and manipulating soft tissues to soften and lengthen muscles; with Thai massage the therapist uses stretches, movement and deep pressure holds to stretch and mobilise joints, enhancing the depth and benefits to the body of the treatment.

Traditional Thai massages take place on a mat on the floor, however Tia combines techniques from Thai massage with Swedish massage with the recipient lying on a massage couch.

Massage Holly pig house garden

The benefit of fusing these two styles of massage is to create a wonderfully thorough and relaxing treatment that enables deep work to take place throughout the body, in areas that can be hard to access.  This can help to restore flexibility at the same time as easing tired and aching muscles.

There are a number of Thai techniques that are given with the recipient in side-lie position, making Thai massage a fantastic approach for pregnancy.

What is it like to receive a combined Swedish-Thai massage?

You are encouraged to switch off and relax, letting the therapist take the weight of your body at all times. You won’t be expected to do any stretching yourself, Tia will guide any movements of joints or limbs, for example stretching out your leg or rotating your hip.

Massage Holly pig house garden

Traditional Thai massage is given with the receiver wearing comfortable clothing, whereas Swedish massage uses oils applied directly to the skin. For a combined Swedish-Thai massage, it is recommended that you wear comfortable trousers and top (such as leggings or soft trousers and T-shirt), then when oils are being used on the skin the clothing will be removed, and you will be covered up with a sheet or towel.

As with every treatment, Tia begins with a brief consultation to discuss any health conditions and make a plan for which areas to include in the treatment. Tia will then use her discretion to bring in Swedish or Thai techniques as appropriate, to give a treatment that will be most beneficial for you. If you are particularly keen to receive either Thai or Swedish techniques during your treatment, please let Tia know and she will aim to adapt the treatment accordingly.

Alfresco massage

Soak up the great outdoors and get back to nature with an alfresco massage in a quiet corner at Botelet.  With a heated under-blanket and luxurious Egyptian cotton towels, it’s a relaxing and invigorating experience.

Massage Holly pig house garden