Tia Tamblyn

As a mother of three young children, including twins, I have first-hand experience of the stresses and strains that pregnancy and parenthood can put on the body, along with the benefits that massage can bring.

When giving pregnancy treatments the aim is to nourish your body, allowing you time to relax, take time out and connect with your baby whilst I work on relieving tired muscles.

Pregnancy massage treatments can be given in a side-lie position or whilst lying on your back, for those who are still comfortable in this position.  I use towels and pillows to ensure your body is fully supported.  The massage is tailored according to which areas you feel will benefit most from receiving treatment, addressing areas of tension and promoting relaxation.

It is always a privilege to give pregnancy massages, being able to support and nurture both mother and baby.

Do contact me if you have any questions about pregnancy treatments.

“Being pregnant, especially during the third trimester, can be physically challenging at the best of times. Tia’s pregnancy massage was extremely relaxing and helped me to overcome many of my aches and pains. The massage gave me the opportunity to have some much needed time to myself which in turn helped me to prepare for childbirth. 

Tia tailored my massage on a weekly basis specific to my needs. As I grew bigger Tia made sure I was always comfortable and created a relaxing environment. Tia certainly has healing hands and I would advise any pregnant lady to have a series of massages throughout pregnancy and leading up to the birth.”  Kate